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Is one of the essential features of enterprise culture, respect for employees, treat employees, embodied humanistic care, thus maximum limit arouse the enthusiasm of employees, initiative and creativity, is an important principle in enterprise management, also is the purpose of enterprise management.

"Innovation mechanism"

Is the fundamental management effectively, and mechanisms to play an effective role, for sustained and effective innovation, innovation mechanism for enterprises to provide fundamental guarantee optimal allocation of resources, enhance competitiveness. "Scientific" emphasizes the enterprise management more scientific, respecting the rule of internal scientific management, and use scientific essence is the enterprise management mode, method of management requirements. "Rigorous" emphasizes the system and the system implement strict and meticulous.

"Continuous improvement"

Is the important elements of enterprise management. The improvement of the system, the theory of development, the progress of the methods for enterprise management must be continuous improvement, to ensure its scientific and advanced management.

The ideology of enterprise:

Keep people with emotion Exercise with career attract people work with people With learning cultivate people with mechanisms to motivate people


Talent is the source of enterprise development. Enterprise is the enterprise of sense of the candidates, guiding thought and working principle of choose and employ persons.
Sincere affection, community harmony is the enterprise keep talents of interpersonal relationship and atmosphere.
Brilliant career, a good entrepreneurship environment is a prerequisite for enterprises to attract talents.
Hard work is challenging, attempts to challenge, exercise the development requirements of the people they are. Create opportunities, fair competition, is the enterprise to provide the best environment for talent growth.
Effective learning training can make the person's quality and ability is increased continuously, make the talents can provide endless power for enterprise development. Create a learning-oriented enterprises, so that enterprises can always keep vigorous vitality.
Reasonable mechanism and effective incentive can make people consciously to work, good self, contribution to the enterprise.
Study hard, love and dedication, hard work, pioneering innovation is the anhui jianghuai cable group co., LTD., the power source of talented people and prosperity.
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