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Party members with the development of the enterprise, the group is constantly growing. In 1993, in those early days, in the case of only two members, founder of enterprise attaches great importance to party building. The company party branch, established in 1997, 2001 party, upgraded to the 2005 upgraded to party again.

In April 2011, with the development of the industry group, jianghuai party organization again upgraded to jianghuai holding group party committee, the group under the has six major industries and industries of party branch of party organization. Since its inception jianghuai cable group party committee, the group number of party organization and party member has entered the phase of rapid development, only accept college staff members reached more than 200 people a year. By the end of 2013, wanda group has 164 grass-roots party organizations, party members a total of more than 4500. As early as in 2006, the group was then governor of jiangsu province, jiangsu province luo zhijun, secretary of provincial party committee to determine the point of contact for party construction work.

Party construction in 2010, the group was named "China's private enterprise party construction pilot culture advanced unit".

In June 2011, the group party committee was named "the 90th anniversary of the national enterprise party construction advanced unit".

In August 2011, named the "national non-public enterprises double top party organization" the title of honor.

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