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The cable industry certification testing hidden rules "disaster zone,"

Recently, the xinhua an article entitled "certification, or know money?" Of investigations reported again put certification testing industry in China "on certification, the audience know money" to "hidden rules" to the forefront. And product certification testing in a wide range of wire and cable industry in China has already become the "hidden rules" of the "areas".

More than twelve thousand kinds of wire and cable at present and every kind of cable need to go on sale by detection of certification bodies. Huge fire test certification bodies, certification testing market national certification testing institutions "a dime a dozen", but the inspection means and their proficiencies of English vary, "eat, take, card, want to" hidden rules, test certification also gradually turned into "a piece of paper" and a "logo" business games, some testing certification and even has become part of enterprise self beautification "mask".

Originally the first security certification testing is to build a consumer confidence, and some of the testing certification bodies hats market, crack government whip, sat sedan chair industry, enterprise ticket, "give money will lead, not to spite" hidden rules of distorted as it was to violate the principle of the service industry development, serious damage to the open and transparent market rules.

The prevalence of hidden rules is the lack of good faith examination authentication mechanism, the responsibility of blasphemy, which not only damage the image of the government, failed to live up to the trust of the consumers, also delayed the development of the industry.

Certification, in fact, become "money" isn't just a matter of good faith, and already broke the law. Some certification testing organizations, enterprises and intermediary organizations to seek illegal economic interests, adopt the mode of disorderly certification, certification of cheat and mislead consumers, apparently suspected of fraud business, he shall be investigated for legal responsibility accordingly.

According to the supreme people's court about carrying out the < general principles of the civil law of the People's Republic of China > the opinions of the several issues (try out) "the sixty-eighth regulation," one party intentionally told each other false information, or deliberately concealing the truth, induces the other party to make the wrong intention, can be regarded as fraud ".

Certification testing, which is the lifeblood of enterprise market access, but also to ensure the safety of product lines, will be any fraud. Certification testing institutions must adhere to the position of fair and objective, fulfill their duties. Also want to keep up with the relevant government regulatory system, strengthen the certification of the legal responsibility, open handle fraud detection certification institutions and enterprises, security markets open, fair competition environment.

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