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Ship/air with cable material development briefly

In recent years, shipbuilding industry, aviation industry has been rapid development, market demand, therefore, for the domestic cable industry, actively research and development of ship with cable and aerial cable always very attention, therefore, the author will analysis on ship with cable and air with cable.

The rapid development of China's shipbuilding industry, bring great opportunities for the development of Marine cable. Since 2013, the state has expressed concerns about shipping industry. Previously issued under the state council of the shipping industry to speed up structural adjustment to promote transformation and upgrading plan (2013-2015), followed by the national development and reform commission and the interpretation of the "plan" gave his, and clearly emphasize "control new capacity, optimize the structure of production capacity. Make full use of the backbone enterprises existing shipbuilding, ship repairing, Marine engineering equipment infrastructure capacity, and resolutely curb new capacity, backward production capacity, dissolve excess capacity contradictions".

The Marine electric wire electric cable market demand space is huge, and requires a lot of special wire and cable, etc., added value is relative taller, wire and cable enterprise development prospect of Marine product well. Wire and cable as nerves and blood vessels of the vessel, is directly related to the ship's safety, reliability, advanced and operational capability, this technology is put forward high requirements for Marine cable, Marine cable replacement will speed up. Wire and cable as nerves and blood vessels of the vessel, is directly related to the safety of the ship, reliability and advanced nature and the operational capability. Modern ship, the accumulated all kinds of cable laying more than tens of kilometers in Europe, the prevalence of stimulate the construction of the tanker, tanker holiday every tanker must be 1000 kilometers above the insulation of the cable laying, throughout the ship. Under the good situation, our country Marine cable companies more should vigorously develop the shipboard cable technology, seize the opportunity, try to shorten the distance between the world.

China has dozens of wire and cable companies have Marine cable manufacturing capabilities of enterprises, which have nearly ten professional production capacity of enterprises. But, despite China's shipbuilding tonnage has entered the second place, but the Marine cable import situation is still quite serious, that the domestic Marine cable cable companies get into trouble. Today, foreign companies are stepping up efforts to capture China shipbuilding market, monopoly of China Marine cable market tendency is very obvious.

With the resurgence of shipbuilding industry, Marine cable demand is more and more big, the development potential is very big also. Marine cable to the technical requirements is very high, so, when necessary, the enterprise must strengthen the new technology. Special cable is different from ordinary cable, special cable technology development in our country is not too long, it also caused the lack of related professional. At present, civil ship with flame retardant cable completely in line with the latest IEC standards, low smoke zero halogen cable into A bundle of burning generally can meet the requirements of class A. The mainstream of the insulating material is crosslinked polyolefin and ethylene propylene rubber, natural - butyl stupid rubber has been eliminated. Some domestic cable factory can made according to standard the control and instrumentation cables, etc.

While China's wire and cable standards equivalent in U.S. military vessels military standard, the general military vessels can supply domestic wire and cable. Special deep vertical sealing cable has the breakthrough level, can be more than 600 m depth. Defense use sonar high tensile steel cable, reach a high level.

Use wire and cable in the aviation, the current aviation cable has two big series: one is polyimide 46 - fluorine compound thin film around the package sintering insulated cable, mainly for the military helicopters, localization, has given the wire quality, composite film is imported. Another kind is irradiation crosslinking cable - tetrafluoroethylene ethylene copolymer, is a large modern military and civil aircraft use more varieties. Abbreviation for X - ETFE insulated wire. A large military transport aircraft each thread quantity of 7 to 8 tons. X - ETFE specific gravity of 1.73, the working temperature can be increased to 200 ℃, thin wall insulation structure of single layer insulation thickness of 0.15 mm, wire and light weight, large carrying capacity, stable chemical performance, excellent electrical, mechanical and irradiation resistance, is one of the shuttle use major varieties.

X - ETFE (X - F40) electric wire and cable insulation aviation manufacturing technology is difficult. Almost every production process, there are some problems. Such as: (1) single beam ground requirements of high precision, jump line, is not permitted in the outer or the minimum thickness of insulation will not qualified. Second, the current domestic no insulation raw material supply, need to import from dupont or daikin company. Third, the current domestic unresolved suitable sensitizer. Imports of sensitizing agent masterbatch particles, difficult. And imports can direct extrusion and irradiation crosslinking finished particle materials, the price. Four, self-developed raw materials and mixing and granulating, have very big difficulty on equipment and processes. Five, the thin wire insulation extrusion is not easy to control, such as eccentric, parameters such as draw ratio. Six, must study the ideal irradiation dose, in order to get the best crosslinking degree. Seven, to study after irradiation wire post-processing conditions, otherwise, the electric performance and mechanical performance, can not fully meet the standard requirements.

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